Friday, October 15, 2010


Can you say Excited for halloween? We were just all trying masks on it was so much fun I couldn't tell you how much fun!! Parker screams so hard when we would put a mask on he hated it!! :) I think we tortured him a little but it was so funny!! Sorry. Parker is planning on being Buzz lightyear and Lexi is the cutest little devil you ever did see!! :)

Latest Hospital Stay

This Photo was all because he couldn't eat Breakfast it was pretty sad and hard for him to understand. He eventually got the ok to eat and not go into surgery and from then on out he was a pretty happy camper and so funny. He was really quite funny with this Hospital stay it seems the older he gets the harder it is to keep him in bed with all his leads!! He liked taking of EVERYTHING It was so funny I swear I had to attach everything like 100 times while we were there for only a night and day!! He didn't want to leave the hospital he loves the room service the Crafts the Doctors EVERYTHING!! He got to paint Pumpkins and Pictures it was so much fun!!! Alexis loved it too!! Parker made it to the potty he really doesn't like how they have to catch and document everything that comes out. He says, "EWW Gross that's Gross." I just laughed but he ran to open the door to tell the nurse that he made it so come and clean it up quick because he doesn't like it sitting there but when we opened the door there was 4 doctors of the TRANSPLANT TEAM coming to check on Parker. He Smiling Ear to Ear and told them that he made it and they said, "Parker can we see?" He was so excited they wanted to see his...well you know what. They made him feel like a million bucks!! He was so proud of himself!! He played with dinosaurs and cars and boy he just had a great time!! We had a visit from Ben the therapy dog he is a yellow lab we loved it and Parker got to feed him Treats He loved him and gave him a big hug. We were just absolutely satisfied with everything this hospital stay!! Everything went smooth. I loved the nurses and have had them in the past. The residents were so accomidating and explained things very clearly. They seem to really love Parker I swear whenever we are at the hospital everyone says HEY it's Parker's mom!! I wasn't in the hospital 30 seconds before a cleaning maid saw us and her face lit up with a smile that was when we were in the emergency room she gave us wave!! Everytime we had a doctor walk in they would say me and Parker go way back!! The nurses said, "I hear that so much with Parker." The Rainbow team came and visited They are the ones that advocate for parents and doctors to be on the same page everyday all the time. They also were old friends who loved Parker so much, and are there for me as well I told them how grateful I was for this stress free hospital stay it was AWESOME they seemed appreciative for everything I have done for them. (I don't know what that is but it was nice and I appreicated their kindness)

Anyway Health Wise for Parker we are home and seem to be doing a lot better.We went into see his pediatrician because we was forming a fever and breathing a little different and weirdly tired. He was not acting as himself basically. We don't actually know why his heart rate jumped up from 107 (normal) to being 144 while he was sleeping it was so weird!! They were on top and cautious about everything. Our first initial thought was he is rejecting but when we looked at his chest x-ray it was perfect not a large heart and lungs looked Healthy. Then we did the echo and again it looked the best it ever had his heart was squeazing Beautifully. :) We were very relieved and so grateful for those words!! So we got a lot of blood and were waiting on those results so far everything is coming back very good news. So Why is all this happening? Their Hypothesis's were 1: We have been treating Parker with an Albuterol inhaler for Asthma with the cough that is has had it seems his whole life to see if that can reduce the cough. It didn't seem to help at all, but one side effect is Higher heart after it was given. The Higher heart rate should only last about an hour after and this was all happening hours after Parker's last dose. 2: Parker has a viral infection his body is fighting (so we really really do not like sick people around Parker and are going to not emphasize that enough) 3: When he had his heart transplant there is a nerve that connects to the heart that died during surgery that controls the beat of the heart so when we are running it compensates with you and will beat faster and when we are relaxed it compensates again and will beat slower. With Parker we just don't know. We are still treating Parker with Asthma if I don't see results in a week I am stopping them and no more!! We saw a lung specialist she said we will do another swallow study just to get an update on Parker and draw some blood for allergy Testing to see if he is allergic to anything that the cough could be causing. oh we just know!! New meds is a type of Albutrol that does not make the heart rate go faster called xophrax (Zofrax is how you pronounce it) and singulair a lung med for asthma that is like a powder Parker has to eat oh my heck he hates it!! :) It is funny to watch him eat it. He is so good to take meds he even doesn't like he is probably the easiest kid to give meds to.

Well with all our hearts we appreciate all the love and prayers with such short notice and can't express enough how much we immediately felt them!! Jordan was able to give Parker a blessing in the ER It was a beautiful thing and Parker gave his daddy the biggest hug I love my Family so much more then anyone can imagine!!

Thank You,
The Allens

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Parker!!

Oh it was a blast and Parker is one year older!! He found a sense of indendence when he turned four years old on September 2nd 2010 :) He now thinks he can do about anything. It is pretty funny!! :) We had a lot of family come it was so much fun!! Thank you for all the Birthday wishes, gifts, and coming the support was AWESOME!! Sorry for about a million pictures but this is kinda like my diary so sorry.